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Nikolay Archipovich and Galina Ivanovna

Nikolay Archipovich and Galina Ivanovna

Уникальная семья в которой вяжут и муж и жена.
  • Стаж работы:  64 лет
  • Платков связано:  860

This is a unique family of its kind. In it, both husband and wife can knit, and the experience and skills of the husband not only do not concede to the skill of wife, but mostly even surpass them. Nikolai Arkhipovich and Galina come from the village of Prichistinka, Orenburg region. The head of the family knits since childhood, since he was 8 years old. This honorable and respected person was born in 1949. With his wife Galina, they lead an active life and work activity. Galina knits since she was19 years old. Mostly, the couple knits warm downy shawls. Their work is distinguished by skill and quality.

О работах вязальщицы
13 января 2020 г.
Монреаль, 45
Необыкновенная шаль "Крыло пустельги". Очень теплая и узор очень красивый. Заказывала и себе, и маме. Спасибо за вашу работу. Здоровья вам!
14 сентября 2017 г.
Санкт-Петербург, 61
Какие молодцы!!! Здоровья вам и побольше заказов!
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