Nadejda Filipova, г. London

I am Bulgarian living in London, and I REALLY wanted to treat myself with a genuine Orenburg scarf! I did a proper research online, and chose orenburgshal.ru, because of the good reputation and many positive reviews from happy customers, the beauty of the products that they sell, and not last and very important - a very affordable price for a genuine handmade Orenburg scarf. The ordering process was very easy, and I had my scarf delivered to London, using Russian Post, in only 10 days, which was a third of the time that I was prepared to wait for my delivery. The scarf is absolutely STUNNING!!!! I chose the Пуховая шаль "Пчелиные соты" because of its simplified pattern and yet classy design, and it's very beautiful indeed!! So soft and warm, it as a real pleasure to wear it, and certainly - an eye-catcher when you walk down the street ;) The little souvenir in the bag is a nice touch as well! You can tell these people love what they do! Thank you, orenburgshal.ur! You are doing a great job in popularizing your unique handcraft all over the world. I'll gladly spread the word! Bless you! Be back soon!

Здравствуйте, Надежда! Очень рады, что изделия Оренбургского края согревают и радуют покупателей всего мира! Носите с удовольствием и получайте массу приятных эмоций! Ждем Вас за новыми покупками.

С наилучшими пожеланиями, интернет-магазин Оренбургшаль

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