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  Orenburg down shawl is a warm accessory made of a unique and rare material: the down of the Orenburg goat breed.

   Orenburg goat is a special breed, selectively bred and direct descendant of Cashmere goats, from whose undercoat the famous cashmere is obtained. It is therefore possible to compare the down from Orenburg goats to cashmere, with the Orenburg fibres being even finer (16-19 micron for cashmere and 14-16 micron for Orenburg down). Cashmere is actually thinner.

    The material has a unique combination of properties due to the specific climate in which the Orenburg goats are bred. Only in sharply continental conditions of the Urals, where the temperature amplitude fluctuates from - 37 to +45 degrees Celsius, an underfurry of necessary thinness, durability and softness is naturally formed.

    That is the uniqueness of Orenburg down:

it is both very soft and thin and very durable and perfectly preserves warmth. All these properties are preserved in the finished products: the Orenburg down shawl is simultaneously light, soft and very warm, and creates so-called dry heat effect, useful for human health. At its softness and lightness these products are very durable, not easy to damage, and with proper handling they serve for dozens of years and even passed down as family heirlooms.

    Today "Orenburg down shawl" is a brand that combines classic shawls, cobwebs, light stoles, various accessories and even clothes on a down base. All these products are united by two main features: the unique down of the Orenburg goats in their composition and the handiwork of the Orenburg masters.



    Knitting Orenburg shawls is a complex process, requiring a lot of time and serious professional skills.

    Masters who make shawls do it all their lives, perfecting their skills and handing down techniques from generation to generation, forming whole dynasties.

    As the process of making Orenburg shawls is delicate and made by hand in most cases, it takes from several weeks to half a year to make a single piece, depending on the size and complexity of the ornament. Therefore, among the products are almost exclusive, produced in 1 - 2 models per year.

   The creation of each down product includes:

- combing or hand-picking the down;

- ripping and cleaning of down from impurities;

- Down combing;

- Down yarn spinning;

- Yarn twisting;

- knitting.



    Only in one place in the world - Ural steppes it is possible to establish handmade Orenburg shawl. After all, only here there are natural unique climatic conditions necessary for the formation of the Orenburg shawl, and only here compactly inhabited by hereditary masters, who rarely share the secrets of their techniques with outsiders.

     The Orenburg shawl is recognized at the state level as a historical and cultural patrimony not only of the Orenburg region, but also of Russia, and those wishing to produce under this brand have to undergo stringent expertise of authenticity and obtain a state certificate.

     Artistic value of the Orenburg shawls is recognized by art historians worldwide. Since the second half of the XIX century and up to now the shawl has conquered the world. English and French nobility showed interest in these products, there were also attempts to start mass production of the Orenburg shawls in Great Britain, France, Holland and South America, but they failed, because goats brought to these countries lost their valuable down properties just in the second year because of mild climate.

     Already in 1839 traveller and writer from France Astolphe de Custine mentioned in his travel notes about the Orenburg down shawl, and in 1851 the shawls were presented at the first international exhibition. This is just a non-exhaustive list of exhibitions and museums, where the Orenburg shawl was exhibited and widely recognized. In some of the museums it became part of the Fund and even a permanent part of the exposition:

1851 - World Exhibition in London

1862 - Second World Exhibition in London

1867 - Exhibition in Paris

1882 - The Industrial Exhibition in Moscow

1893 - The International Exhibition in Chicago, Illinois (the World Columbus Committee medal by order of the US Congress for the donated Orenburg down shawls)

2011 - Exhibition in Germany

2015 - Exhibition in Nepal

2018 - Fashion Week in Paris

2018 - Orenburg shawls from Prato to the Urals, a large exhibition in Italy with the participation of products from OrenburgShal.

    Even during the Second World War, when the whole world was not busy with exhibitions, the Orenburg down was very much appreciated for its unique properties, this material was used to create special products for military needs.

     Thanks to its rich history, special handmade technology, rarity and high artistic value, each Orenburg down shawl has only become more valuable over the years.



    Unfortunately, there are a lot of imitations of Orenburg products today. According to our estimates, more than 70% of what is sold on the Internet today cannot be called an Orenburg shawl.

    The main way to check products remotely for authenticity is to have a State Certificate of Place of Origin of Goods. The producer of the genuine Orenburg down shawls is able to pass all the necessary examinations and possesses such a certificate.

    In the internet-shop of "OrenburgShal" we offer genuine Orenburg down shawls and other goat down products. Our company is a production association of the best knitters in the region, which creates unique products from selected down from the Orenburg goats.

    All products are certified and have a state certificate of authenticity, so we are proud to call them Orenburg.

    We deliver all over the world. We have already received a lot of positive feedback from all over the world and are very keen to introduce the skills of Orenburg knitters and the quality of the down products to as many people as possible.

    If you have decided to purchase an authentic Orenburg down shawl, we invite you to trust us. By ordering from the Orenburg Shawl online shop, you are guaranteed to receive a genuine Orenburg shawl down product that meets all the standards of the Orenburg shawl.


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