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'Orenburgshal' is one of the largest online stores in the Orenburg region, which has been operating successfully since 2009. Thousands of orders sent, more than 7 years of successful work.

  • Reliable and responsible supplier
  • One of the industry leaders
  • Years of experience

We see the company's mission in the preservation and development of the down-knitting industry in the Orenburg region. We cooperate and place large orders directly with knitters, and independently participate in the selection and purchase of raw materials (goat's down) for future products. That is why the prices in OrenburgShawl stores are often lower than those of sellers in Orenburg, and the products are of higher quality, including exclusive models of shawls and shawls.

Orenburg downy shawls are truly legendary. Each of them is a work of art. Each product has its own character, its own soul. Everyone keeps in themselves a piece of the master who linked it. And at the heart of everything lies the warmest and softest fluff of the Orenburg goats.

We live and work in Orenburg, therefore, like no other, cherish the glory of our handkerchief. We try to use raw materials and labor only from local producers.

Our home is Orenburg,
all the departures we make from Orenburg

Our company carefully approaches the monitoring of the quality and safety of the products. Most of our knitters have been knitted since childhood and have over 40 years of experience behind them. Many of them worked in the Soviet downy artels and in perestroika years were forgotten and abandoned. We are restoring the rest of the harvest, collecting the best craftsmen for our banners

  • Certified
  • Unique knitters

We do all this so that when we dress our shawl, you can feel the warmth and care that is put into each downy product under the brand name "OrenburgShal".

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