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We are pleased to welcome you to the official website of the OrenburgShal company. Here you can always buy a downy shawl of exceptional quality. Our catalog presents 100% original Orenburg shawls - the embodiment of maternal love and the warmth that only home can give.


Orenburg shawls, knitted by skillful hands of Russian knitters, are known all over the world. Many foreign magazines, books on needlework and knitting reviews are numerous confirmations to this. So, what makes an Orenburg shawl so unique?

  • Firstly, all these downy items are hand-made and unique. It takes a skilled knitter two or three weeks to make just one shawl. In fact, a downy shawl is a truly one-of-a-kind work of art.
  • Secondly, Orenburg shawls keep you warm like no other shawl would. Even a lightweight and delicate a-jour shawl will make you feel warm on a frosty winter day.
  • Thirdly, such shawls are made of unique organic materials — the downy hair of Orenburg goats. These materials are not allergenic; they absorb moisture quickly, they are soft, elastic, and even have healing properties.
  • Fourthly, these shawls are an important part of Russian culture, rituals and traditions.

Visit our online store and buy a downy shawl made in the Orenburg region exclusively from down and silk yarn.


You live far from Orenburg and you don't have much time for shopping? Don't get discouraged: an Orenburg downy shawl will come to you with the help of a courier service or Russian Post! All you need to do is to choose the item you like from our electronic catalog and fill in the delivery address form. Every day, we deliver downy items to various places all over the world, thus spreading the word about the excellent quality of Orenburg shawls.

We also opened a small brand boutique in Moscow, and welcome both residents of Russia’s capital and tourists to come, see and buy our products there. Today, purchasing an original Orenburg downy shawl in Moscow is very easy.


Our online store catalog offers a wide selection of exclusive hand-made items and classic produce of the legendary Orenburg Downy Shawl Factory. Here you will find beautiful shawls for every taste and budget. Dense and gossamer, modest and luxurious, compact and huge - these fluffy beauties in most popular colors demonstrate their unique patterns on the pages of our catalog.

The most elegant out of them are the shawls of white (milky-white) color. Such shawl will make any outfit look expensive and gently emphasize its owner's beauty – rosy cheeks, fresh skin and bright eyes. Snow-white shawls made of real down hair make a win-win festive choice. They accompany their owners down the aisle, adorn them at wedding receptions, and make them warm during Christmas and New Year celebrations. A-jour geometric patterns of a snow-white shawl look absolutely luxurious. This is a gift that is sure to win any fashionista's heart

A fluffy gray-brownish shawl is a more traditional - and familiar - variant. There is nothing warmer and more practical than this beautiful item. In winter, these heavy shawls of impressive size can be used as cozy throws that none of the modern blankets can compete with in terms of warmth. Shawls of brownish and deep gray shades are good for everyday wear. They are not easily soiled and are very durable.

Hand-made exclusiveness or factory perfection?

When choosing between hand-made and factory items, think about the key factors that determine your choice. Affordability (acceptable price) - take a look at factory-produced shawls. Exceptional aesthetic properties - opt for a fluffy hand-made shawl. This way or another, you will be happy with your purchase (and will see the difference only when comparing such shawls by holding them in your hands).

Factory-produced shawls are flatter, with clearly visible geometric patterns produced by a knitting machine. The shape of such items is perfect, and there is full compliance with the declared dimensions.

Shawls produced by machines are lighter and thinner than their hand-made counterparts. There are also some differences in the yarn composition. Besides goat down hair, most factory-produced shawls also contain polyacrylic yarn (PA). This is synthetic fiber, similar to wool in its properties.

Hand-made shawls are voluminous and weighty; these items are much thicker and fluffier than those produced at the factory. The items of the same collection/lot may have some discrepancy in sizes, as well as differences in the pattern and knitting style. Even the shawls made by one and the same knitter might differ - and those made by different people will differ for sure.

Hand-made shawls are more appealing aesthetically due to the use of various fantasy-inspired patterns. The hallmark fluff makes them look more expensive and impressive. Along with the natural down hair of Orenburg goats, hand-made shawls also have silk yarn or pure cotton as part of their composition; these components allow to extend the service life of the knitted item. The addition of silk yarn gives light shimmer to a scarf, while cotton makes it "able to breathe."

What kind of shawl is the warmest one?

An intricate a-jour edging pattern is the decoration of each shawl; however, the central part of the item can also be decorated with beautiful patterns. In Orenburg, such downy shawls are called "a-jour." If shawl's warmth is of paramount importance to you, go for shawls with densely-knitted middle - they will protect you from the cold and gusts of winter wind for sure. This shawl can be used as a throw at home, or as a blanket to cover a baby who will sleep peacefully in their stroller. When opting for the latter, we recommend you use a cotton duvet cover of appropriate size.


Luxurious gifts is something a beloved woman deserves! There is no doubt about that. Also true is the fact that no woman will deny herself the pleasure to adorn her shoulders with an authentic Orenburg shawl. If you intend to present a downy shawl as a gift, you can buy it right now at our store, together with a festive packaging. Besides, we prepared some beautiful poems that could be read when presenting such gift.

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