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What color will the product be delivered / can I choose the color of the product?

You can see the colors of products on the product cards. The shades of down hair produced by Orenburg goats may vary. We do not dye down hair, therefore, there may be differences in the shades of products sold under the same name.

Products of white color - are they of crispy-white shade?

They mostly aren't, because down hair from Orenburg goats is of milky-white color, slightly varying in shades (depends on each individual goat). Only bleached products could be crispy-white.

Why did I receive the product that is 5-10 cm larger/smaller than stated?

5-10 cm is considered an acceptable difference. This is due to many factors, including the elasticity of Orenburg goats down hair, the density of knitted item, etc. Read more in our article How to measure an orenburg downy shawl correctly.

Why is the product prickly?

Orenburg downy shawls have prickly guard hairs in their composition. Despite most accurate treatment of down hair performed by our knitters, a certain amount of guard hairs stays in the finished product. Guard hairs fall out during wear. It is also possible to remove this hair prior to wearing an item. See the detailed instructions in the article How to Get Rid of Prickliness.

How to get rid of prickliness in a product?

The detailed instructions on How to Get Rid of Prickliness is posted on our website.

Can I order several products and choose the one I like after the delivery?

No, unfortunately, we do not have an option of partial payment at the moment. If you are dissatisfied with the order, you can return the product. You can learn more about the conditions and ways to return and exchange our goods from the information posted on the website.

Can I place a "cash on delivery" order with a postal/courier service to a foreign country?

No, unfortunately all international deliveries are possible only by full prepayment. That said, a 10% discount is applied to such orders.

What are the terms of international delivery by post?

No, unfortunately all international deliveries are possible only by full prepayment. That said, a 10% discount is applied to such orders.

What are the terms of international courier delivery?

Usually it takes from 7 to 10 working days, depending on the distance and customs legislation of the destination country.

Can I place an order for a custom-made product, i.e. specify the exact size and color/shade parameters?

Unfortunately, placing an order for production of a custom-made item is not possible.

How to track an order?

Having dispatched your order, we e-mail you the unique tracking number of your package.

I didn't get any tracking number. What is the reason?

We e-mail you the number once we have been informed thereof by the courier service or the Russian Post. Courier services usually provide a tracking number on the next day, the Russian Post - within 2-3 days, but due to the large number of packages during the high season this information might be delayed. Also, messages with the tracking numbers sometimes get marked as spam, so please check your Spam folder first.

Will the ordered item be an authentic Orenburg shawl?

The "OrenburgShal" company produces only authentic items. This is confirmed by the "Protected Designation of Origin" certificate issued by the state.

What kind of down is used for our products?

We use only goat down hair when making our items.

Will a thin lacy downy item make me warm?

Orenburg downy shawls have great thermal properties that are characteristic of thin a-jour items as well, but if you need guaranteed warmth you'd better opt for densely-knitted items (some of the a-jour shawls we offer are quite dense, too; read the description carefully).

Will my hands freeze in winter if I wear mittens?

Mittens from goat down is one of the warmest options in terms of winter hand-wear. For more information read our article The Warmest Mittens for Women.

Why is the pattern a little different?

We try to make the pattern of the product exactly match the photo on the website. However, since most authentic Orenburg downy shawls are handmade, our knitters might introduce small adjustments, mainly in terms of border ornamental patterns and finishing on the edges. Such minor differences are considered the norm (for example, a small pattern was added to, removed or replaced from the general composition; the same applies, for example, to the diameter of some elements of the pattern). The overall pattern of the product is preserved in any case.

What is the care and cleaning procedure?

Caring for downy products is not difficult at all. We prepared short but detailed instructions for care, washing and drying of a downy shawl.

Will any downy item you sell slide through a wedding ring?

No, it's just a common stereotype. Only very thin and small web-like shawls and stoles could easily slide through a wedding ring. Dense shawls, for example, do not pass through a ring. You can read more about the stereotypes and myths that accompany Orenburg downy shawls in the article Orenburg Web-like Shawls - Debunking Myths.

Is there a "collection by customer" option?

No, we deliver only by Russian Post and courier service. There is no "collection by customer" option.

Can I return the ordered item?

Yes, our online store accepts the returned orders; however, if the returned product meets the stated characteristics and has no defects, the transportation costs are paid by the customer. All details on the conditions of return and exchange are available on our website.

Will I be able to distinguish an authentic Orenburg downy shawl from a fake?

Most likely, you won't, because the flaws are not quite visible during a visual inspection; the signs of a product being a fake often become obvious only in the process of use. You can read about some of the ways to spot a fake, as well as about the main striking features of counterfeit goods in the article How to Tell a Real Orenburg Downy Shawl From a Fake One.

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