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Orenburg lacy shawls are made from top-quality goat's down hair. They are the true "nobility" in the family of down shawls. These lacy shawls are made from special fine yarn according to complex weaving patterns. Therefore, people who decide to buy an lacy shawl get a perfect and exclusive accessory they could use for special occasions. Where can one get an lacy downy shawl at the lowest price? At our store, of course! We offer only the best quality web-like shawls and scarves produced by the original manufacturer, with a 100% quality guarantee.


If you made up your mind to purchase an lacy downy shawl, first you are to decide on its color and suitable size. The most compact lacy square shawls are not more than 1 meter square; the largest scarves are 150x150 centimeters square. For the convenience of our visitors, we placed a Sort By option (the possibility to arrange items by color, size and price) right over the catalog of our knitted products. Here you can also choose the preferred method of manufacturing, i.e. either manual or machine type of knitting.

Lacy shawls decorated with seed beads look especially luxurious. As a rule, the seed bead color repeats that of the downy yarn, and a seed bead is placed in the middle part of each element the pattern is composed of. Such exclusive products are hand-made only by most experienced knitters who skillfully weave seed beads into shawls right in the knitting process. This is the most reliable way of decorating lacy downy items.


The experts who had carefully studied the artistic features of Orenburg ornamental patterns, came up with the key formula of their construction. It turns out that the equality of individual elements in a pattern is based on the exact calculation of stitches and links when knitting. Thanks to this mathematical approach, a skilled knitter would get a perfectly symmetrical gossamer scarf, its pattern notable for correct geometry and clarity.

The pattern of a web-like knitted item is determined by the item's shape. In the case of a scarf it would be a perfect square; a stole is shaped as an elongated rectangle; and a triangular scarf - as an isosceles triangle. The pattern starts in the central part of the item and develops towards the edges. At the same time, the patterned motifs are separated from each other by densely-knitted plain strips. As a result, the artistic gossamer pattern of a knitted item looks like a series of web-like and dense fragments, their contrast making any Orenburg shawl look spectacular.

The rhomb-like pattern plays a dominant role in all this splendor. Note that the vast majority of Orenburg shawls feature a clearly-shaped rhombus in the middle of their patterns. All other elements are harmoniously arranged both around and inside it. In folk crafts, a rhombus has long been a symbol of the sun. The corners of the central rhombus that breaks the web-like square into triangular shapes are directed towards the midpoints of the shawl sides. The center of an Orenburg shawl can also be decorated with a cross formed by five rhombi.


We offer you to buy an lacy knitted item - the original Orenburg shawl - directly from the manufacturer. Only in this way you will be able to buy a high-quality item made from real goat down hair; besides, you'll avoid extra charges and markups. You'll get a shawl that will serve you faithfully for decades, letting you admire its beauty and making you warm when it is cold.

When ordering, you can seek advice from our Online Assistant who will be happy to tell you about the characteristics of the item you are considering to buy. Give us a call or request a call back! We will be happy to warm yet another heart!

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