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Those who wish to buy an Orenburg downy stole can buy it from our online store featuring authentic items of factory production and exclusive hand-made products. These are high-quality downy stoles that come directly from the manufacturer. All products that we offer are made from natural goat down hair and according to the unique technology. You can buy hand-made, machine-made and factory-produced stoles and scarves at our store. The wide range of colors makes them a fashion accessory suitable for all ages. Buy an lacy stole - and get a practical and very beautiful article of clothing that will serve you for decades! We are confident that you will love the warmth that our products give their owners. Do not forget to take advantage of great discounts and promotions!

We offer you to buy exclusive knitted stoles – plain and multicolored, winter and demi-season, decorated with hand embroidery and glistening seed beads. Our online store catalog also features white bridal stoles; besides, you can pick lacy gloves to match - and to complete a wedding look.

Classic white items are in constant demand; however, bright-colored stoles and wraps - with a smooth color transition or contrasting embroidery - are becoming more and more popular. On the pages of our website you will find lilac, chocolate, crimson, orange, purple, pale pink, ash gray, turquoise and light blue stoles of various sizes. Patterns of our downy items are as diverse as their colors. Roses and lilies of the valley, ears of wheat and braids, sun rays and snowflakes, complex geometrical shapes and simple easily recognizable ornamental patterns adorn voluminous knitted items.

Only here you will be able to choose a stole of the size you need – a compact one (120 x 40 cm) or a huge one (200 x 50 cm) – just make up your mind what is best for you! Based on our experience, we can say that the 170 x 60 cm items are most versatile. An item of this size is an endless inspiration for fashion experiments.


This is perhaps the most common question that our customers ask. Let us answer it! Besides the actual method of production, there are also differences in the way such products look.

  • The fabric of factory-produced stoles is more thin and flat, covered with complex geometric patterns that are well-defined over the entire surface of the item. In most cases, the factory produces solid stoles - black, white, blue, gray, turquoise, brown and purple. There are also two-color factory-produced stoles, but they are rather an exception to the rule. In particular, our catalog features an F10 stole that is a successful combination of white and beige.
  • Hand-made stoles are more voluminous and fluffy; the complexity of their pattern can be limited only by the skill and imagination of a knitter. Most often Orenburg craftswomen knit flowers, braids, ears of wheat, waves and rhombi. There is also a possibility to add seed beads and embroidery, which improves the items' aesthetics significantly. Hand-knitted stoles are more delicate and lacy. There are no restrictions as to the use of multiple color shades and the creation of smooth color transitions. The composition of these products presupposes at least 70% natural down hair of Orenburg goats; strong silk thread is added - it increases the item's durability greatly.


The price of a stole is a major factor for those who intend to buy it. The cost of a knitted item is affected by the amount and composition of downy yarn, as well as the complexity of the pattern that determines the time of stole manufacturing. With the variety of types and patterns presented, you might want to seek professional advice from our Assistant who will tell you, in detail, about the existing differences in (and advantages of) specific items.

If you wish, you can buy stoles wholesale - our partners get most favorable offers when purchasing the first-class product that does not need advertising!

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