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Vast majority of websites sell counterfeit downy items.

There are only a few sites on the Internet that sell real Orenburg shawls. The counterfeit items that most websites sell constitute 80 to 100% of their product range.

Ask for a Protected Designation of Origin certificate.

There are only 2 companies in Russia that have the legal right to sell Orenburg shawls. Don't fall into the trap of those who sell fakes.

St. Petersburg is the "capital" of counterfeit scarves and shawls.

Oddly enough, St. Petersburg has become a true "capital" of counterfeit downy shawls.
This is the main destination for those who deliver illegal Uzbek produce to Russia.

Fictitious address and bank details

Every other online store that sells counterfeit goods either indicates fictitious bank details or does not specify them at all.

Let's start with the fact that, as of 03.12.2017, the name "Orenburg downy shawl" can be legally used by only 2 companies in Russia.

Our company is one of these two. Vast majority of websites sell counterfeit downy items. It does not matter where exactly you see them - in the top results of your online search, on some ads, etc. At the moment, it is very difficult to legally stop those who trade illegal products. Therefore, such trade is only flourishing.

We decided to make a list of the main features of such websites, because they cause serious damage to the original Orenburg down-hair-knitting industry. The owners of such websites only wish to make money; they do not want to invest either in the development of the region or the welfare of people engaged in knitting and related works.

Top features of websites that sell counterfeit items:


The first and most important feature - colored items of various mixed shades. This is a clear sign that the product was brought from Asia. The majority of fake Orenburg scarves and shawls have long been coming from there. They are imported into the country illegally, and cost about 200-300 rubles. Such downy items come compressed, packed in huge bales. Many of these items haven't even been washed - they emit sharp animal smell. Because of the fast and low-quality technology of down hair yarn production, such items shed fluff, they are uncomfortable to wear, and become unusable very quickly. All shawls are made with the help of knitting machines - this accelerates the manufacturing process significantly. Besides, these shawls are often made by using kids labor (10- to 12-year-old Uzbek children). Such items almost always have flaws and defects. There is nothing Orenburg about them. These shawls don't conform to any quality control standards; they can be dangerous for the health of those who buy them.

Examples of such items:

Цветная узбечкаполосатая узбечкаузбекский колосПример узбекского платкаТонкий наманганнаманган на хб основе

The second and no less obvious feature is the low price. The websites that sell fakes mark their stoles and a-jour shawls as costing 1500 - 2500 rubles (although some of these fraudsters are so brazen that they sell fakes at the price of 5 to 7 thousand rubles). They often lure customers by introducing huge discounts or "buy 1 get 1 free" offers, give free gifts of cosmetics and other things. Don't fall for these tricks. It takes 100 - 200 hours to knit one authentic Orenburg downy shawl - and it surely cannot cost that little. Think about it - would you work for 20 rubles per hour? And this isn't just work - this is a creative process performed by a skillful artist.

t is a different story if a seller buys a few bales of compressed fake items (spending about 250 rubles for a shawl). In this case, all gifts and pseudo-discounts are paid off because of the huge margin. Such fraud and dishonesty means using all possible ways and means in order to succeed. Never-ending fictitious promotions, laudatory reviews from both celebrities and ordinary people posted on websites are just some of those traps.


Absence of any legal data on the company, or presence of data on the legal entities that have long ceased to exist. You can check the correctness of such data here: https://egrul.nalog.ru/ You won't be able to bring to justice these people if they sell you the product you don't like or if the received item has improper shape, is torn, or if you get an item that you didn't order, etc.


As to the reviews left by some celebrities who allegedly bought these goods - in the vast majority of cases such reviews are nothing more than a bald lie.


Vague information about the actual address posted on the website. For example, "Saraktash district, the village of..." How is it possible to deliver a scarf from that village to Moscow on the day when the order is placed? There is no clarity about this.


The websites with counterfeit goods can never contain the "Orenburg downy shawl" phrase, but they will appear in ads and search results on this query. Dear customers, please pay attention to this. Many use the wording that says "Legendary shawl", "Downy shawl", etc. or other kinds of misleading formulations, like "shawls from the Orenburg region", etc. This is a violation of the law.


The lack of possibility to pay in various ways. Usually it is possible to transfer money either to the card issued by Sberbank, or pay at the post at the time of parcel delivery, or use electronic money (and other similar methods). But there is no Internet acquiring, for instance, i.e. one cannot pay by card directly on the website immediately after ordering, because this procedure requires linking a legal entity to the website and posting complete data about it - this is something that fraudsters cannot do for the fear of disclosing their identities.


As a rule, all such websites have only one page with all their products featured on it (this is done in order to save on website development). There are no useful articles on such websites; no development is seen. They do not tell about the production of shawls, there is no detailed description of the people who create these works of art, there are no videos featuring them. All this is absent for a simple reason - they do not have any of these. There's nothing to tell. Sometimes, there might be a few articles posted (just to put up a smoke-screen), but such section won't be updated with new materials.

Dear customers and those who came across this article by accident or with the aim to get informed, if you want to buy something for your wardrobe, you are free to disregard all our recommendations and buy this item anywhere. But if you are looking for an artistic creation, a reflection of folk craft and traditions, hand-made according to the technologies that developed hundreds of years ago, if you want to feel the warmth of real goat down hair and enjoy all those positive emotions that a craftswoman - a knitter - put in her work, if you want to add the very legendary and authentic Orenburg downy shawl to your wardrobe - then we kindly ask you to pay attention to this article and buy downy items from official stores that work for the benefit of people, for the benefit of the Orenburg region, and that respect and treasure centuries-old traditions.

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