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01 March

downy mittensThe tradition of wearing mittens in winter appeared several centuries ago. Common women were the first to hide their hands in warm knitted "pockets" when it was cold outside. Noble ladies, having learned about the useful invention, decorated plain mittens with embroidery prior to their actual application.

Anyway, now, seven centuries later, these useful things are widely used by women.

Materials used for making mittens

Modern industry offers a variety of mittens: made of wool, down, insulation material with moisture-proof top layer, suede and fur, and other kinds of materials. This diversity makes it quite difficult to make the right choice. Especially considering the bright colors of mittens and promising assurances of manufacturers. Let's try to analyze the characteristics of different models of winter hand-wear.

Fur mittens

At first glance it would seem that fur mittens are the warmest. However, if you "get to know them better" it turns out that they warm only the palms of your hands. Fur mittens cannot have long cuffs, otherwise they will not fit into the sleeves of a fur coat or a winter jacket. Such mittens subject your wrists to a "rest by cold." And frost-bitten wrists cause pain and discomfort.

Mittens based on synthetic fibers

Synthetic fibers are able to keep warmth pretty well. Mittens with inner synthetic padding, layer of insulation or other non-natural materials also have an outer layer of cloth. Synthetic hand-wear doe not let your hands "breathe", thus making them wet. And wet hands quickly freeze in the cold. Apart from that, all non-natural materials may cause allergies when they get in contact with open skin. So, it turns out that even most beautiful products made of artificial materials are mostly harmful, and they should not be purchased.

Wool mittens

Wool mittens form the largest category of winter hand-wear. They are bright-colored and durable; they look nice…

However, such mittens also have their disadvantages. Wool is not soft enough, and gentle women's hands may feel discomfort when in coarse and prickly wool mittens. Besides, wool is not something that would complement any type of winter clothing.

Downy mittens - comfort and beauty

mittens from OrenburgWomen are eager to stay beautiful at any time of the year. Although quite small, mittens are also an item of winter wear. It seems they are hardly visible from under the sleeves of a jacket or a fur coat. However, properly selected mittens will complete the look of a woman and give her real comfort in the winter cold.

Mittens knitted from natural goat down have long been considered most suitable for the cold season. These products have enviable properties. They are extremely warm and just as beautiful. Natural down hair of Orenburg goats is valued all over the world. It is no wonder that tourists who come to visit Russia are eager to buy downy products from Orenburg both for themselves and as gifts for their friends and relatives.

Fluffy mittens will never let your fingers freeze. Soft downy mittens will gently massage your hands with the soft downy fibers. The wrists will be covered by an equally soft and warm elastic cuffs.

warm mittensAnd downy mittens look so pretty! Fluffy white mittens are versatile. They can be worn with any kind of clothing. Gray or brown, black or multi-colored mittens are also great - just choose a pair you like most! Densely-knitted 2-layer mittens are the warmest. The second layer is created by three-dimensional patterns or by yarn mesh resulting from jacquard pattern knitting.

The best thing is to choose two-color gloves that would match the color of your fur coat and your downy shawl. Downy accessories makes a woman look very cute; passers-by pay attention to her and always smile. Isn't it what each of us wants? After all, it feels so nice to look beautiful!

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